Friday, 27 February 2015

Research is underway!

It's always exciting when a research project gets beyond planning stage, and into practical data collection.  This month, we  have begun to interview our first batch of disabled people who employ personal assistants.  We are starting with up to 15 people who receive funding through the Independent Living Fund, and as well as exploring their PA relationships, we are also asking about their funding situation, and their thoughts about the future.  The first interview took a mammoth four hours!  We are so grateful to all the disabled people who are willing to share their lives with  us.  Tom Porter has conducted three interviews so far, which means 27 more disabled participants to go, as well as 30 personal assistants.  Already, we are fascinated by our data, and look forward to reporting further.

We've also featured in the media, specifically Tom Shakespeare has contributed to The Download, Disability Now's legendary podcast.  Meanwhile, Andrea Stockl has been talking about the project at a symposium in Vienna, so the word is spreading far and wide.

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